CaNCeL CoMPaSSioN. 12/01/07.

It's been for(fucking)ever hasn't it? Listening to musicals on my comp and just remembered that I have a blog! Holy forced morality challenged retards Batman! So I thought about it and maybe once or twice I thought about returning since August 15 th, but never had good access to the Intersnet. Now her parents have some satellite internet which right now is acting up cuz of the snow. And everyone bitches about it being slow now. I keep telling them that satellite is fickle like a dead bug on the dish, acts of god, their dad could fuck up any of the good reception they receive (he can fuck up anything faster than a six year old on crack).

SOOOO many things haven't happened since we last had this little discussion slash heart-to-heart slash bonding moment. I still don't understand why everyone is so fucking uptight about. Like facial hair and piercings, or the fact that I have a dick (Merry Maids). Or that cuz I have a dick that you know god(fucking)forbid that I don't think about fucking another woman. I don't honestly try, and it's been forever ever since I masturbated, doesn't that make you happy. I missed the two year birthday of PTP on September 4th. I tried writing a novel for, it's kinda of like Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. Hey just write a 50k novel in 30 days, that simple. Yeah got to about 13000 and I just quit, much like the blog right now, and that got me so much shit. Like just because the story is loosely based on my life.

My mom was married to this fuckhead of a man. They barely have known each other for a year, and hey let's get married on my birthday (moms not mine). I tell him on the honeymoon that you know why everyone on my fathers side is opposed. And it's not even because they don't like him, it's too soon. I tell him and the next day Mom calls and says "It probably won't work now thanks to me. You happy?" *CLiCK*. You should've seen me come unglued, that bitch wouldn't answer her phone, but I really love text messages, so she got some. And I called her later and she fucking finally answered, so she got me all angry because she always blames me for most of her problems. Yeah I was warned about marrying my ex so I told her that. She really didn't give a fuck that I was at her wedding, I was the only one in the family that was there. So fuck her.


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THe (pH)uCKeR
So so long to breathe
Life into this idea
Which to so so long to conceive
An idea which is growing fast
That I barely believe

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