WHeRe iS THe CHoPPy FiSH? 6/16/07

Sheaun tha' Bega' is my big orange pussy (cat). He's actually just extra fluffy giving him that morbidly obese appearance. I often wondered if he was actually a she, but while staying at my aunts house, he (we assume) got their cat pregnant, so we're just waiting to see if the kittens look anything like him. Now I wonder if someone would make a Jerry Springer but for animals? (What a failure).

Have you ever seen your favorite old cartoons now that you're older? It's very depressing for me. Like the ten second set-up to fall.

I'm going to fall! Oh shit oh shit ohhhh shittttt! (7 second delay) Then they fall.

Does everyone have that "friend" who gets everything they want? And in the end just uses you for the shit that you got? I think that everyone does. And you need to get off you knee's sucking the genitalia which is their stuff, and tell them to buy a gun and kill themselves'. They're like a zombie that feeds on the brains which is all your cool shit.

What is with Geico and Burt Baccarach? The new radiomercial makes him sound so gay (about getting hit in the rear?). So what the fuck is up? What happened to 'the world needs love?' (left it open)

Why does everyone seem to like Pamela Anderson? All she is, is a dumb slut blonde that cares more about looks than personality.
  • Dumb - Supports P.E.T.A. ('nuff sed).

  • Slut - The video (Paris' is better (Haha bitch you went to JAIL!))

  • Blonde - Beach Blonde hair DUH! or it's Platinum (Whateva')

  • Looks over Personality - Married Tommy Lee twice and was with Kid Rock. Got implants removed so people would like her for her. Then got them back because "SHE" liked them.

Now why do I get the distinct feeling everyone hates me? IS it really because they all just hate themselves?

Mediocrity=Me Cry Idiot(Napoleon Dynamite style).

A natural staple to this point of nothing. "Ex Nihilo Nil Fit" // Out of nothing, nothing comes, and I'm sure that this belongs to you in some way.

MoRTuS DeR SouLSTeaLeR likes puppies.

I love Zim (the invader), but I wonder if there really are aliens out there. Then at some point I think the line blurred and it pisses me off, that I still don't have my GED (and I'm 20 now). Now this is something that you expect in Idaho, because all the jobs here involve wood or potatoes (either growing or frying). So I am unemployed again (originally written two days ago). This time is my fastest at a job @ 3 days (not including temp jobs) and everyone there were complete bitches (except 3). And they can all (except 3) can fuck off and die.

And I am not worried about it, because I'm laughing more. Erin decided to bitch at this other girl (ain't 18, yet). Here we go:
We were closing the store and we're all tired. We (Erin and me) were ahead and Erin had stopped, much to my chagrin (I really don't know) I turned around. I saw the girl Erin was talking to have that slack-jawed look (like huh? *der-der). At that instant I turned around because I knew what had already happened.

"What did you say?"

"I told her she was a cunt."

And it doesn't help that our friends meet us by chance and are still laughing about it.

"High five, you're a cunt!" (Borat voice).


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